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Where’s the best place to focus training efforts, sales or product? BTM Event:’s Steli Efti

Building the Sales Machine (BTM) Event Series: we post clips of the best questions that where answered during our live events, so you can take the best ideas back to your teams and companies for further discussion. Training on sales or training on product? (37:54) Prioritize for effectiveness A new sales person does not have

BTSM Event:’s Steli Efti – Sales Hacks, Tips, & Tricks

Last January, CEO, Steli Efti joined us for our quarterly BuildingTheSalesMachine event, to share his thoughts on sales hacks, tips and tricks for scaling a team. If you haven’t heard of Steli yet, we’re not quite sure where you’ve been ;-), but check him out. The blog is an absolute treasure trove of tips on selling in
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