Milind Mehere – Co-founder of Yodle

Building the Sales Machine Event: Milind Mehere – Co-Founder of Yodle

Milind Mehere

Many of the best sales companies here in NYC are spawned from sellers that got their start at Yodle. Come here how Milind, Co-Founder of Yodle, worked to build one of the pre-eminent media sales organizations in NYC. We’ll talk about the roadblocks along the way and how they spurred innovation. From ad operations to hiring the early team, scaling, and training closers. Also here how Milind led the transformation of the company’s strategic direction from a Google Adwords reseller to an online marketing platform for SMBs.

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Event format:
1/3 introductions + networking + coming up with Q&A for our guest
1/3 fireside chat with our guest Milind Mehere
1/3 networking after the talk to spend time with our guest, meet new people, and discuss relevant topics

Thanks to our co-hosts

Eric Friedman – Foursquare | David Greenberger – Foursquare | Evan Bartlett – ZocDoc


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