Sales Hacker / Salesforce Summit Give Away

As per the announcement Thursday at the Building the Sales Machine Event with Kiva Kolstein, we’re giving away two (two-day conference) tickets to the Sales Hacker / Salesforce Sales Machine Summit ( an $626.92 value each), thank to our good friends at SalesHacker!

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All you need to do to enter is to send an email to dave at buildingthesalesmachine dot com answering the following question:

What is your best single piece of tactical sales leadership advice?


Be sure to include your name, company and email address. You might even find that your post makes it to the BTM blog.The winners will be announced in late May via twitter / email

The winners will be announced in late May via twitter / email.

Best of luck to all!


Enter now



P.S. you can no find tweets from the night, links and soon to be photos at the page. Don’t miss next quarter:’s Head of Sales will be joining us to chat about the strategy that’s made them the 5th fastest growing B2B SaaS platform in the country.

Early bird tickets on sale now

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