Top Articles in 2015

2015 was a big year for Building the Sales Machine (BTM).  We launched this blog, we hosted great speakers like Mark Roberge, and we brought in an additional sales leader like Christi Schaufler to help share best practices with you.  For those of you that couldn’t follow the blog every single week, here’s a recap of the top blog posts of the year!

To 5 most viewed interviews

  1. Tom Mcnulty, former head of Sales at Dash (recently joined Fundera)
  2. Brian Zang, former Head of Sales and Marketing at Shopkeep (just joined Ringio as CRO)
  3. Doug Freeman, VP of Sales at The Muse
  4. Matt Curl, Head of Sales at FiveStars
  5. Christi Schaufler , former Sr Director at LivingSocial


Posts you spent the most time reading

  1. Videos from the Mark Roberge Building the Sales Machine Event
  2. Video: Steli on Sales Technology
  3. Sales Coaching: focusing on Just One Thing ( JOT )
  4. Mistake to avoid in the Sales Hiring Interview Process
  5. Q&A with Matthew Bellows, CEO of Yesware


Most viewed BTM blog posts

  1. In sales, the follow-up is everything
  2. How to build Sales Development Rep (SDR) team
  3. Sales Coaching: focusing on Just One Thing (JOT)
  4. Sale Stack Review: Rivalry, the sales coaching software
  5. Give your Sales Team Reasons To Call