Bryan Rutcofsky, VP SMB Sales & Partnerships

January 21st, 2015

Guest Speaker, Bryan Rutcofsky from Yext dove into all things sales and scaling a sales floor from 0 to 100.  From sales model validation. Scaling the team. Where to spend your time / where NOT to spend your time. Deciding who to sell to, What sets the best performers apart, How to develop a comp plan, etc…

We’re grateful to have Bryan share his tremendous experience with us.


We’re also working to chop all content into shorter, more digestible sections. Then dive deeper on each question and share short form Q&A (usually a minute or so) which is better for everyone.

Starting with; How do you determine KPIs set milestones for your sales team?

Here is another one about how to develop a comp. plan for sellers

Here is the full playlist

As always this is an experiment and we hope to learn a lot from this strategy and feedback is most welcomed!

Big thanks to Dave Greenberger and Evan Bartlett for their help

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