Avoid making performance management and compensation into a crutch for new managers

In a previous post, I expanded on the concept of performance management, and made the case that often it is used instead of performance assessment. As I further reflected on the topic, I realized that strong prescriptive performance management policies, in an environment with a heavy focus on commission actually weakens a managers incentive to

Passion is Bullshit

Editors note: This is a guest post by Greg Davidson, Head of Sales at Artsy.   People are passionate about their families, hobbies, and sometimes their dogs. But the founder that expects their employees to be passionate about their company may miss out on some great hires. Startup founders and key early employees should be

Craig Rosenberg, Co-Founder of TOPO HQ, shares actionable thoughts on delivering highest converting first meeting for enterprise sales, marketing, and sales development teams.

Custom Content Plays Deliver The Highest Converting First Meetings What is the overall goal of Account-Based Marketing? The entire theme of Account-Based Marketing is Instead of sending horizontal white papers, you want to reach out to prospects using ways that say “we’ve done research on you and we’d love to talk to you about it”.
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