BTM Event Video: Handshake CRO Kiva Kolstein – How do you orchestrate the perfect sale? What is sales coreography?

Building the Sales Machine (BTM) Event Series: we post clips of the best questions that where answered during our live events, so you can take the best ideas back to your teams and companies for further discussion.


Eric from Sales Machine: 

We’ve talked about this before, the sales choreography, how do you set up that choreography and maestro that sale?

Kiva Kolstein:

So I believe to my core that a successful sell should choreograph the entire experience.

Counter intuitively people think that when you memorize, you end up becoming less creative.  Actually the opposite is true, if you’ve memorized your pitch or demo, you go in knowing what you want to say about the company you work for.  You are freed up to be in the moment, to have a real conversation with the person you are meeting. Instead of thinking about what you have to say next.

Choreographing the entire experience, is doing that on steroid.  What i mean is that every time you touch a potential prospect or customer, you have an impact on the outcome of that deal.  Positively or negatively, sometimes in a big way, sometimes in a small way.

Why not choreograph the entire experience and think in advance of the things that you’ll do “if”.   It’s the morning of your big meeting, what are you doing with your colleague to prepare for that meeting? How are you assigning parts?  Are you running through the deck and demo?  Have you determined who’s going to ask which questions?

Then, lets say you are in the lobby of the company you are meeting with.  The annual report is on the coffee table in the lobby, do you read it?  Which part do you read?  Do you read the CEO letter to the shareholders or the 10k?  Then, you see the receptionist there that will call your prospect, what questions can you ask them?  Then your prospects assistant comes down to meet you, what questions do you ask them in the elevator?

Or let’s say that your prospect comes down to meet you, do you start talking about your company, or do you hold off so the 5 other people upstairs can hear the same thing?  They ask you if you want coffee, do you walk with them to get it, or do you just say yes?

The point is, you can keep going forever, you should keep going through the entire sales cycle.  Through first call, second call, every single touch you have the opportunity to impact the outcome of a deal.  So pay attention, and choreograph the experience for yourself.



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