BTM Event Video: Hubspot CRO Mark Roberge – Why do people “wing it” when hiring salespeople in startups?

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BTM: Why do people “wing it” when hiring salespeople in startups?

Mark Roberge:

I think it’s because hiring is the most forward looking, long term thing that happening.  Take a sales manager’s typical day

  • Morning: Team meeting to boost up the team because of low morale.
  • Noon: Big pitch that could potentially save the quarter.
  • 4pm: Interview with a potential job candidate.

Where are the bringing their “A” game? Everyone falls into this trap.  That interview has the biggest potential up-side for the company.  If you get that customer, fantastic, you make the quarter.  If you boost the team’s morale, great, they’re motivated for the next couple days.  But if you find your next #1 rep, who’s going to be your #1 rep for 5 years, that could change the company.

People wing hiring because its the most long term on impact.  But don’t cut corners on hiring.