BTM Event:’s Steli Efti – how to motivate a high volume sales team

Building the Sales Machine (BTM) Event Series: we post clips of the best questions that where answered during our live events, so you can take the best ideas back to your teams and companies for further discussion.

How do you motivate sales people, especially high volume “local” sellers (29:47)?

  • I truly believe that the way to greatness is consistency
  • It’s really hard to be consistent
  • Sports is a good analogy
  • If you are Michael Jordan at the peak of your game, you still start at zero
    • Doesn’t matter if you had a bad day
    • You still have to perform, you still have to train
  • One way to motivate them is to teach them the game they are playing
  • Show them what is good
    • Some organizations reward a charismatic sales, a single moment in time
    • Why not reward consistency? The people that “bring it” every day!
  • If you’re not sold on your own product, you won’t be able to sell it
  • With sales teams, its a good idea to have rituals that help everyone be re-sold on what we’re doing
    • Why we’re so good
    • Why we’re doing what we’re doing.


steli_efti2-79990df1Steli Efti dropped out of high school, taught himself to be an entrepreneur, is a life-long learner, and the founder of Supercool School, VibaTV and SwipeGood. As an alumni of Y Combinator, Steli is the CEO and co-founder of ElasticSales and As if this isn’t enough already, Steli also advises startups and is the author of “The Ultimate Startup Guide To Outbound Sales.” You can find him on twitter here , or on linkedin here.