Videos of BTM event with Mark Roberge of Hubspot are Live!

For those of you that attended the last BTM event on Oct 1st , here’s the answer to one of the most commonly asked question:  “Will you be posting event footage to your website?”



And here’ it is.  We broke it down into individual clips for each question that was asked.  We feel this will make it easier for you to share this information with your teams, your leadership, your sales VPs, etc.

To kick things off, here’s one of our favorite clips from the event:


  • Setting up a culture around trial and experimentation
    • “Who knows what the right emails are, who knows if you should have a free trial, who knows which reps to hire?”
  • Setting up a culture around coaching and development
    • “On the second day of the month, I’d sit with each of my sales directors and ask:
      • What are you going to be coaching this person on this month?
      • How did you come up with that?
      • What is your coaching plan?”
    • “Because I had this meeting with my Directors, they had similar meetings with their managers.”
    • “The organization needs to use the metrics to identify the problems each sales person is facing”
    • “Then they need to craft an individualized plan to help them improve.”
  • “Coaching is where productivity increases come from.”



Thanks again to Mark for joining the community to talk a little shop. If answers to these questions are helpful for you, join us for our next event Jan 19th, here in NYC with Kyle Porter, CEO Salesloft. In the meantime, dig in on some of our previous conversations to uncover tactical strategies for building your team with:

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