BTM Event Video: Handshake CRO Kiva Kolstein – Which types of enterprise sellers you need?

Building the Sales Machine (BTM) Event Series: we post clips of the best questions that where answered during our live events, so you can take the best ideas back to your teams and companies for further discussion.

Eric w/ Building the Sales Machine: 

You’ve talked about the two types of sellers that you need, which should come first, which should come second?

Kiva Kolstein:

To some extent it depends on what it is you are selling, and how much you can afford.  The reason I say that both types of sellers sell to large companies.  One is a more transactional seller selling more deals at a lower price point, maybe $50,000 deals.  The other type of seller is selling something closer to $250,000 deals.

You want to hire the person that closes the smaller deals first because they’ll fund the person that can come in and close the larger deals.  The second person takes longer to close, they are running a sales cycle that takes 6 -9 months to close, and you need money to run the business during that time.  You have to fund that business with the smaller sales that are coming from that more junior or transactional enterprise seller.