Join us for Pete Kazanjy 2/28/2018

We are excited to be welcoming Pete Kazanjy to the next Building the Sales Machine event on March 28th, 2018. Grab your ticket now, or recommend someone who is building a sales machine in NYC that could benefit.

Pete is the incredible founder of TalentBin which was sold to Monster, as well as the author of Founding Sales.

In his own words

Particular interest and primary expertise in early product/market fit discovery, product marketing / collateralization, early sales, sales management, sales operations, customer success (implementation and monitoring), account management. The previous at both a unit level, and also a line management, and leadership level. Secondary expertise at marketing generalism, PR, AR, business development and corporate development.

Sales / sales operations expertise in sales hiring, onboarding, and management rigor. Extremely high success rate for hires, as marked by individual revenue achievement of SDRs and AEs, but also rapid career growth. Many former AEs and SDRs now leading multi-million ARR SaaS sales teams. Author of book on modern sales techniques for early stage technology companies:

For anyone that has been around the sales team building world, early stage talent acquisition, and more they may know Pete. Those who are new to the world of sales will benefit from a great conversation focussed around an incredible list of topics that we hope will benefit those building their sales organizations.