What is a roller coaster sales rep?

(Originally posted by Eric Friedman)


One of the best parts about my events series Building The Sales Machine are the great nuggets I learn from speakers.  The latest of which is the question of; “What is a roller coaster rep?” as told by Bryan Rutcofsky of Yext.

Below is my discussion with Bryan which goes into details.

Basically a roller coaster rep is a person that appears on almost every sales team Bryan has ever seen.  Its a person that works really hard and does everything they are supposed to – which yields real results and new sales.  This then results in the rep reaping the rewards of this hard work and effort.  After that point, they are basking in the glow of success and are at the top of the leaderboards – but without investing in the work needed to stay there.  This process can be tracking by using KPIs – expectations from reps on a daily/weekly/monthly basis as a way to see if the effort is being generated.

Watch the video for the full effect, but I love this term and have been watching out for it ever since I learned about it.